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With its unique design, the Wave Ball is easily integrated into our training pool projects. Our engineers have designed a wave generator that can create different patterns and heights of waves with 4 different modes. These waves are particularly well suited for Rescue and Survival training while maintaining a secure environment for trainees.


Discover all the advantages of the Wave Ball here below :


Adapted for all shapes and specifications of pools

The Wave Ball can be placed in a circular, rectangular, square or other shape of Survival training tanks.

A simulation made by a specific WOW Company software provides the best location of the Wave Ball in the pool, together with your specific requirements and in accordance with all the elements in the training tank.

The Wave Ball can be also placed near to a corner of the tank letting all the surface area free for every kind of training.

One of the possible location of the Wave Ball in the pool

One a the possible location of the Wave Ball in the pool

It is a low consumption Wave machine with an average consumption of 2.5kW

One of our strength is also to propose a very low consumption machine which uses the power of the resonance in the water increasing or decreasing the waves once needed thanks to an intelligent auto regulation system inside of the Wave Ball and a software which calculates immediately, without interruption, every parameter of the waves' amplitude.


This intelligence allows the Wave Ball to be perfectly synchronized and constant with the kind and size of waves expected.

It can work without interruption with 4 different intensities

Several modes and patterns are proposed during the programming and it allows the trainer to consider different intensities for one particular training session...increasing gradually the level and the difficulty for the training.


We often use 4 modes of intensities: low, medium, high and rodeo (a mix of the 3 intensities).


The intensities and amplitudes of wave contribute to rise the quality of the training session by gradually increasing the size of the waves during a specific training session, letting the trainer the perfect control of the situation and the possibility to increase the level step by step.


Simulating a real open sea condition, the Wave Ball will let the trainees more confident and will also help them to keep their self control in case they have to face a real problem in the open sea.

Its easy and fast installation will let you start your trainings after just three days

Indeed, the Wave Ball is installed in just 2 to 3 days.


That means that the Rescue and Survival training center does not have to stop the training sessions for a while with heavy infrastructure modifications.


The wave training sessions can start directly after the programming of the Wave Ball.

No technical room is needed

The package is composed by the Wave Ball, the electrical cable, an electrical panel and a remote control unit.

Wave Ball complete package
Wave Ball complete package


The Wave ball can be parked when it is not in use

Once out of the water, and also to avoid to damage the cable under the Wave Ball, the Wave Ball can be placed in a safe pedestal that has been created to park the Wave Ball.

Parked Wave Ball
Parked Wave Ball