A new website for a new visibility !

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Dear visitors, surfers and partners,


We are delighted to introduce you to our new website dedicated to The Wave Ball generator for Rescue and Survival training. In order to improve our communication again and again, we would like to have a powerful website where we could promote and explain our attractive Wave Ball.


Why do we have a new website ?


  • Give to our visitors a great visibility, technic and specific information about the Wave Ball
  • Show you the importance of the wave generation system in a Rescue Training Center. Especially the advantage of the Wave Ball that can generate different patterns and size of waves that fit very well for all rescue training.
  • To show you our references list in the sectors of International Military and Safety Training Center, Rescue and Survival Training Center & Maritime University.
  • To have a fresh and unique design that matches with the rescue area.
  • To have an easy navigation, good web visibility on search engine and new web technologies.
  • To communicate with you trough the social media pages
  • To show you some pictures and videos of the Wave Ball and training sessions
  • In short, an attractive content about the Wave Ball generator for training and sea rescue training center.


Are you looking for some information on the Wave Ball working principle?

Discover our technical pages:

The Wave Ball Team