Success Story: 15 years of Wave Ball operation in MEGAMAS Training Company.

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Since 1999, The Megamas training center in Kuala Belait, Brunei is equipped with our Wave Ball Generator. Megamas offers a large possibility of world-class training course to these trainees (Defensive Driving and Transportation, maritime training, offshore survival training, safety and security courses, etc.).

Megamas Training Company has always emphasized on growth and development. Because of this important target, in 1999, Megamas was looking a powerful wave generator to increase the level of their training in order to match to the sea reality and environment.

The Wave Ball was and still is the perfect generator for rescue and survival training thanks to the possibility to have different pattern and size of waves while safeguarding the trainees. Our state of the art Wave ball is a specifically designed survival wave machine which can reproduce open sea conditions and is used as a survival training aid to offshore workers, air & sea rescue teams and the armed forces, to improve the skills of the trainees.


With the Wave Ball, the potential clients can be assured that Megamas will never stop trying to improve their skills, in order to ensure that Megamas is the first choice partner for the basic and high level training course.


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