Application for the Rescue & Survival area

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Your Rescue & Survival training facility requires, by defini­tion, the perfect reproduction of the open sea conditions.

For the best efficiency in harsh conditions, you need to practice in real conditions. By adding the adequate natural phenome­na generators, that can be combined and controlled, it is possible to reproduce most of the natural sea environments and to train in va­ried conditions, from the easiest to the most difficult, learning gradually the reflexes that will save lives.


The waves produced by the “Wave Ball” can be ad­justed from small ripples to heavy swell. The resulting waves look like open-sea waves and can reach up to 2 meters from crest to trough. 9 models are available and will be chosen in function of the size of the tank and the size of waves expected.


Its easy and very fast installation, its simple maintenance can be made by yourself.

WOW Company can guarantee that our Wave Balls will fit into your pool and will increase the skills of your trainees.


 • Rescue and Survival Training
 • Dunker Training
 • Police Training
 • Military Training
 • Lifeboat Training
 • Offshore Training
 • Air/Sea Rescue Training
 • Oil & Gas Industry Training
 • Special Forces Training

Lifeboat - Wave Ball for training

Wave generator for offshore training center



 • Day & night conditions
 • Wind fans
 • Rain
 • Fog
 • Cold & hot temperatures
 • Variable humidity levels
 • Sound & lightning effects